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About Us

HITS has a strong international presence and significance around the world. It aims to deliver a distinctive education, carry out research, and make significant contributions to society. HITS is supporting international research collaborations on the basis of academic interest and need by their education system. HITS academics has built more than 100 numbers of research collaborations with international partners.

Unique Features

  • Today’s HITS international students, also enjoy access to a range of international experiences while studying here, including internships around the world.
  • International students can benefit from Speciality seminars, internship programmes, guest lectures, and workshops that enables them gain academic credit as well as practical insight into employment.
  • Scope to entail structured programmes offered by international partners in France, Russia, UK, Germany, Turkey, etc.
  • Exclusive scholarships feature towards exchange programmes to make education accessible to students of all social levels.
  • Over 200+ MoUs with foreign universities to ensure international students with merit have the opportunity to experience a truly worldwide education like.
  • Feasibility to study 2 years in HITS and 2 years in US/UK/Germany.

Programmes Offered

1.B.Tech. Aeronautical Engineering
2.B.Tech. Aerospace Engineering
3.B.Tech. Mechanical Engineering
4.B.Tech. Mechatronics Engineering
5.B.Tech. Automobile Engineering
6.B.Tech. Chemical Engineering
7.B.Tech. Biotechnology
8.B.Tech. Civil Engineering
10.B.Des. (Interior Design)
11.B.Des (Communication Design)
12.B.Des. (Fashion and Apparel Design)
13.B.Tech. (Computer Science and Engineering)
14.B.Tech. CSE (AI & ML) –(In collaboration with IBM)
15.B.Tech. CSE (Artificial Intelligence and Data Science)
16.B.Tech. CSE (Cyber Security)(In collaboration with IBM)
17.B.Tech. - Electrical and Electronics Engineering
18.B.Tech. - Electronics and Communication Engineering
19.B.Sc. Cardiovascular Technology*
20.B.Sc. Perfusion Technology*
21.B.Sc. Anesthesia technology*
22.B.Sc. Physician Assistant
23.B.Sc. Medical Laboratory Technology
24.B. Optom (Optometry)
25.Bachelor of Physiotherapy (B.P.T)
26.B.B.A. LL.B. (Hons)
27.B.A. LL.B. (Hons)
29.B.Sc. Visual Communication
30.B.Sc. Fashion Design
31.B.Sc. Food Technology
32.B.Sc. Food Science, Nutrition and Dietetics
33.B.Sc. Physical Education
34.B.Sc. Actuarial Science
35.B.Sc Mathematics
36.B.A. Economics
37.B.A. Political Science
38.B.A. Sociology
39.B.A. Psychology
40.B.A. Triple Major - Political science, Psychology, Economics
41.B.A. Triple Major - Law, Economics, Political Science
42.B.A. English
43.B.Com. General
44.B.Com. Internship Embedded Programme
45.B.C.A. General
46.B.C.A. Database Systems
47.B.C.A. Multimedia and Animation
48.B.C.A. Cyber Security (Industry Integrated - HTC Global Service)
49.B.Sc. Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics
50.B.Sc Aviation Science - Avionics
51.B.Sc Aviation Science - Aircraft Maintenance Engineering
53.B.Sc - CS (Gaming Design)
54.B.Sc. + M.Sc. Mathematics (Integrated)
55.B.Sc. + M.Sc. Visual Communication (Integrated)
56.B.Sc. + M.Sc. Food Technology (Integrated)
58.B.B.A Banking and FinTech
59.B.B.A Aviation Management
60.B.B.A Logistics (in collaboration with Logistics Sector Skill Council)
61.B.B.A Hospital Management
62.B.B.A Sports Management
63.B.B.A Aviation Services and Air cargo (in association with Logistics Sector Skill Council)
1.M.Tech. (AERO) Avionics
2.M.Tech. (AERO) Aircraft Maintenance Engg.
3.M.Tech. (Defence Technology) Aerospace Technology
4.M.Tech. (Defence Technology) Communication Systems & Sensors
5.M.Tech. (Mech) Design of Mechanical Systems
6.M.Tech (Robot) Robotics and Mechatronics
7.M.Tech. (Auto) Automotive Technology
8.M.Tech. (Civil) Structural Engineering and Construction Management
9.M.Tech. (Civil) Sustainable Environmental Engineering
10.M.Tech. (CSE) Data Science and Engineering
11.M.Tech. (CSE) Artificial Intelligence
12.M.Tech. (CSE) Cyber Security
13.M.Tech. (EEE) Smart Grid/ Electric Vehicle Technology
14.M.Tech. (ECE) Digital Image Processing
15.M.Tech. (ECE) Embedded and Real Time Systems/ Radars
17.M.PLAN Transportation Planning
18.M.Arch. Executive
19.M.Arch. Executive (Housing)
20.M. Des. Fashion Design
21.M. Des. User Experience Design
22.M.C.A. General
23.M.C.A. Big Data Analytics
24.M.C.A. Cloud Computing
25.M.Sc Chemistry
26.M.A English
27.M.A Journalism and Mass Communication
28.M.Com General/ Fintech
29.LL.M. (2 YEAR) Constitutional and Administrative Law
30.LL.M. (2 YEAR) Corporate Law
31.LL.M (1 YEAR) International Law
32.M.B.A. Aviation Management
33.M.B.A. Finance, Marketing & HR
34.M.B.A. Hotel and Tourism Management
35.M.B.A. Hospital Management
36.M.B.A. Logistics Management
37.M.B.A. Media and Entertainment
38.M.B.A. Sports Management
39.M.B.A. Green Business
40.M.B.A. Business Analytics (in collaboration with IBM)
1.Advanced Diploma in Autotronics *
2.Professional Diploma in Cyber Investigation and Laws **
3.Professional Diploma In Cyber Security Management**
4.Advanced Diploma - Photo & Videography
5.PG Diploma In Sports Management
6.PG Diploma in Global Sports Management
7.Diploma in Geriatrics Care and Management
8.Diploma in Language and Speech Therapy
9.Diploma in General Duty Assistant
10.Diploma in Fashion Design
 *In collaboration with Volkswagen
 **In collaboration with HTC Global